Welcome! My name is Anna Sólyom, and my hometown is Budapest, in Hungary. I live in Barcelona, Spain, where both my love for sea and hunger for mountains are accepted and kindly treated by this wonderful place.

Originally I am an international relations and elections professional with an MA in philosophy. My first book “Párnafilozófia” (“Pillowsophia”) got published in 2012 in Hungary. It is a book about life, philosophy, films, heroes, family and dance – it’s currently available only in Hungarian.

I am involved with different meditation and mindfulness techniques since 1999. I dance since my childhood, presently practicing mostly 5 rhythms, Open Floor and yoga.

According to my experiences we disconnect from bodily feelings and emotions while we grow up (for various reasons) and we intend to live and solve everything in our heads – ignoring whatever reality is on our table.
We intend to loose ourselves in different times and spaces which our minds create in stressful situations and, at the same time we store incredibly large amount of stress in our sweet bodies. Hence we eventually fall sick. I believe if we can stay present and true to ourselves we can keep our health and stay in balance, even if stormy winds are blowing in our lives and things fall apart. And, it’s absolutely all right to fall apart sometimes! So don’t be shy. It’s all OK. Dare to fall, and then to rise again.

I worked in the international development and election industry from 2008. Eventually I perceived and understood that my bliss lies in offering the gifts I have as a therapist, supporting others to find their bliss, balance and truth reconnecting with their flames. I am skilled to hold your body the way it finds ways to relax and let the stress go, creating space within for your breath.

I offer therapeutic treatments, which I combine with the powerful PSCYH-K® balances to change those limiting, subconscious beliefs which restrain you from living the life you desire.

I am passionate about self-responsibility and I use mindfulness approach encouraging personal and professional development through self-knowledge and acceptance.

I chose to learn and practice craniosacral therapy to use its soft, light and still powerful tools to support your present process wherever you are, with exactly what your physical system needs. Of course, your physical organism operates in close interaction with your mind and emotions: as these systems are actually inseparably connected and each of these have an incredible effect on the other two. You can learn more about this treatment by clicking here.

PSCYH-K® is working with your mind and subconscious helping to change limiting beliefs. You can learn more of this methodology by clicking here.

Between 1997 and 2004 I studied different tools and techniques as for example kinesiology and NST (Neurostructural Integration Technique), Swedish (sport) massage and Reiki. Since 2001 I am a Reiki master (of the lineage of Usui Shiki Ryoho and Hawayo Takata).

If you have any questions or would like to book a session, please contact at: annasolyom@outlook.com .

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