“El carácter dulce y la energía de Anna, enseguida me dieron confianza. No dudé en ponerme en sus manos. Fue un acierto. Estoy convencida de que gracias a sus masajes craneosacrales pude recuperar el equilibrio energético que había perdido, y terminar con éxito mi trabajo. Gracias Anna por acogerme en esos momentos de dificultad para mí.”

Dolors Martorell, escritora y monje zen

“Anna me recibió en un ambiente acogedor y agradable que invitaba a entregarse al craneosacral. Lo que más noté en los días posteriores fue un aumento de energía y un mayor equilibrio emocional. Por culpa de mis viajes no pude seguir con los masajes, así que me queda pendiente para mi próxima visita a Barcelona.”

Antonio Lozano, emprendedor y monje zen

“I received the PSYCH-K® Core Beliefs balance from Anna with the hope to get through a challenging time of my life. The energy she liberated in me during that single session was amazing, the barriers I was facing before have somehow evaporated and I felt unstoppable and happy. I believe that something has indeed changed deep down in me and I still benefit from it. Thank you again for this priceless feeling, Anna!”

Adel Sarvary

“I had the opportunity to do craniosacral therapy with Anna 3 times already. The first session was an introduction to this work, after which I enjoyed great calmness, and a noticeable sharpening of my senses. The second and third time I went with acute pain and low energy level. After the treatments, my pain immediately decreased a lot, and had a good night’s sleep. During the treatments, I was able to deeply relax, my system quickly switched to regenerating mode, I even fell asleep. Anna has a professional attitude and surely has tricks and tools to help you, even if you are in a lousy condition. But what makes her work really special is her incredible sensitivity, innate wisdom and loving attention. Thank you Anna, I will be back!”

Eva Koczi, Lomi lomi massage therapist

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